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DrugHub is an active dark web market. You can access it through this link: http://bijsq2itaexbczwjugdjsu5dvbrbjwcxzv433kkbxh2yb3sovzukrcad.onion.

Here are the main details about DrugHub:

  • Launch Date: 2023
  • Main Link: bijsq2itaexbczwjugdjsu5dvbrbjwcxzv433kkbxh2yb3sovzukrcad.onion
  • Security: Good
  • 2 Factor Authentication: Not specified
  • Multisignature: Yes
  • Finalize Early: Yes
  • Commission: 5%
  • Vendor Bond: $150

To use this market, you should have some basic understanding of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) and Monero, a type of cryptocurrency. They recommend visiting the Dread forum and Dark Net Buyer Bible for more information on these topics.

For accessing DrugHub, you can use this link: drughubb7lmqymhpq24wmhihloii3dlp3xlqhz356dqdvhmkv2ngf4id.onion. If that doesn’t work, try the clearnet domain:

If you have trouble accessing the market, check their Dread sub for updates, but note that it’s not for getting support—use the market system for that.

DrugHub has a mirror with PoW (Proof of Work) enabled at: bijsq2itaexbczwjugdjsu5dvbrbjwcxzv433kkbxh2yb3sovzukrcad.onion.

Always verify PGP signatures regardless of where you get the links.

For more information and resources, check out:

  • Dark Net Buyer Bible
  • Dread Forum
  • Daunt (Link directory part of the Dread Network)
  • Scope (Link directory and market archive)
  • Pitch (A Tor-only social media platform)
  • Dark Eye (Darknet sites directory)
  • DarkNetTrust (Vendor and market archive)
  • Dig (Market search engine created by Pitch)

For additional Dread subreddits and other link distribution portals, copy and paste the provided links for privacy and security reasons.

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