BitcoinFlorida man Forfeits $34 Million in Crypto

A person in Florida has given up $34 million in cryptocurrency that they earned illegally on the dark web. This happened after a judge agreed with the U.S. government that the money should be taken away.

The cryptocurrency taken includes different types like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, and Bitcoin S.V. This forfeiture is one of the biggest cases of the U.S. government taking someone’s cryptocurrency.

The investigation found that this person was selling hacked online account information on a hidden part of the internet. From 2016 onwards, they completed a lot of transactions, including selling Netflix, Uber, and other account details to undercover police officers.

The investigation also identified the dark web markets used by this person, like Alphabay. The investigation traced the person’s location to two houses in Florida, and they were found because they used these addresses to receive narcotics bought from the dark web.

This person was caught and had to give up the money they made illegally from these activities.

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