Dark web drug bust NYC

A man from Brooklyn, NYC, was arrested on Wednesday for selling heroin and cocaine on the dark web using bitcoin and running a drug delivery service around New York City, according to federal authorities.

Edison Hernandez, 46, allegedly used the names “dragoncove” and “Nino” on dark web platforms like Silk Road and AlphaBay from 2013 to 2019. He gained a good reputation by selling drugs based on quality, reliability, and quantity.

To avoid getting caught, he used fake names and accepted bitcoin payments. Later, he teamed up with Michael Caruso, 42, and Raymer Ynoa, 32, to sell various drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine, ketamine, and MDMA door-to-door in Manhattan and Brooklyn from 2019 onwards.

They disguised their drug delivery as a pastry shop named “Nino & Viktor’s Pastry Shoppe” and let customers order drugs via encrypted messaging apps. Delivery people would then hand over the drugs once the deal was set.

If convicted, they all could face up to 40 years in prison. Another person, Irvin Hernandez, was charged separately for working with the delivery service.

The suspects were scheduled to appear in Brooklyn federal court on Wednesday afternoon. There is no information available yet about their lawyers.

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