BitcoinFlorida man Forfeits $34 Million in Crypto

Samourai Wallet Whirlpool is the most robust CoinJoin mixing service available online. Samourai Wallet Whirlpool effectively severs the historical links of your coins from their future transactions.

Whirlpool is integrated into the Samourai Wallet, developed by privacy activists committed to creating privacy tools that mainstream tech companies won’t develop, regulators won’t approve, and venture capitalists won’t fund.

Samourai Wallet is open source, with certain parts of its code accessible to the public.

Launch Date2018
Main Link
Tor Mirror
User PerceptionPositive

Is Samourai Wallet custodial?

Samourai Wallet is a free and open-source (FOSS), non-custodial bitcoin wallet software.

You can find the comprehensive documentation here.

Always consider mixing your bitcoins or routing them through Monero before using them on any dark web links or markets.

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