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Abacus Forum is a place on the Darknet where users come together. The goal is to create a welcoming community where people can talk to each other. Different parts of the forum are visible to different users based on their reputation. Your reputation goes up when you contribute to discussions and gain ranks.

Basic Information

Using the Forum

When you make a post, it’s important to put it in the right section. This helps keep things organized and improves the chances of getting helpful responses.

Forum Sections

  • Recent Forum Topics: Shows the last ten topics created.
  • Most Popular Topic: Displays the topic with the most replies in the past 24 hours.
  • Introduce Yourself!: Optional but you can say hi after registering.
  • Help – The Abacus Guide: Guides for using the market and forum are here. You can also create your own guides.
  • The Market: Direct link to access the market.
  • Announcements: Official announcements are posted here.
  • TAGS Department: Vendors can request vendor tags here.
  • Contests: Regular contests with prizes.
  • Suggestion Place: Share your ideas here.
  • Polling Place: Members with senator rank can vote on suggestions here.
  • Request a New Board: Suggest new sections for the forum.

Main Forum Sections

  • The Forum: Discuss drugs, legal issues, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Society: Talk about entertainment like music and movies.
  • Abacus World Communities: Open to people from different cultures.
  • Abacus Cannabis Club: For cannabis enthusiasts.

User Ranks

Your level increases as you contribute more.

  • Spectator: Just registered, no contributions yet.
  • Newcomer: At least one post.
  • Alphabetian: After 20 posts, can upvote/downvote, add links and attachments.

Other Ranks

  • PRO, TOP, Senior Alphabetian, Master, Chief: Higher levels with more access.
  • Vendor, Legendary Vendor: Authorized sellers.
  • Senator: Can vote in polls.


Earn awards for your contributions:

  • Cannabis Symbol: Good knowledge of cannabis.
  • 3 Stars Review: Reviews of market purchases.
  • Peace Symbol: Friendly and respectful.
  • Contributor: Making guides or helpful posts.
  • Medal: Contest winner.
  • LSD Art: Knowledge about drugs.
  • Protection Helmet: Helps with harm reduction.

You can also suggest new awards on the forum.

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