Dark0de Market Exit Scammed

The Dark0de Reborn dark web market has exit scammed, which means it suddenly disappeared, taking users’ money with it.

Basically, the market vanished without warning. This exit scam wasn’t as dramatic as some others. Dark0de Reborn was unrelated to the original Dark0de forum that got shut down by law enforcement in 2015.

Users who reviewed Dark0de on the Darknetlive marketplace reported that it exit scammed last week.

Someone on Twitter said their marketplace password was changed unexpectedly last week when they used Dark0de’s official link.

If Dark0de had a big security failure, it wasn’t widely known. This exit scam seems to have been done quietly. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a dramatic and interesting exit scam like what happened with Nightmare Market, where someone hacked the market and played with users and staff.

Recently, someone pointed out that Dark0de seemed big because it advertised a lot on forums and websites, but it actually had fewer transactions than other markets that aren’t as visible on the darknet. Many dark web markets fake the number of users and reviews. The best way to compare marketplace activity is by looking at vendors who sell on multiple platforms.

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