Kerberos Market

Kerberos Market is an online marketplace that launched in 2022. It focuses on providing a secure platform for buying and selling goods. The main link to access the market is via an onion domain (kerberurxcus4vqzpk6v5kjyeic5imzgwxk2a74vdkmgeuwaddjdxhqd.onion), which ensures a level of security and privacy.

Security Features

Kerberos Market emphasizes security with features like:

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Multisignature transactions
  • Ability to finalize transactions early
  • Encryption for sensitive data using PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)

User Guidelines and Rules

The market has specific rules enforced by the administration to ensure fairness and safety for all users:

  • Users are expected to treat others respectfully and abide by marketplace rules.
  • It’s important to read and understand the marketplace guidelines, FAQs, and rules.
  • Ignorance of rules won’t excuse violations; scams or dishonest behavior result in instant bans.
  • Transparency is key; false information or forging evidence leads to immediate penalties.
  • The marketplace operates under multi-layer encryption for added security.

Vendor Requirements

Vendors on Kerberos Market must adhere to certain standards:

  • Properly list inventory without misleading information.
  • Maintain discretion when packaging and shipping items.
  • Forbidden items include illegal content like child pornography or dangerous materials.
  • Vendors must promptly handle orders and maintain accurate listings.

Customer Responsibilities

Customers are expected to:

  • Understand and accept vendor conditions and refund policies before making purchases.
  • Address any issues promptly, especially before an order finalizes automatically.
  • Ensure a safe and accessible delivery address for physical orders.
  • Follow guidelines for feedback and disputes, contacting administration if needed.

Kerberos Market provides a secure environment for buying and selling goods, emphasizing transparency and adherence to rules. Both vendors and customers play vital roles in maintaining a safe and trustworthy marketplace, with strict guidelines enforced by the administration.

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