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Welcome to Archetyp – a new DNM! Archetyp has many unique features you might not have seen before. You can find a list of these features on this page to quickly compare them with other dark web markets.

Status: Active

Here’s a breakdown of what Archetyp offers:

  • Launch Date: 2021
  • Main Link: msq7nhsdiwvykxhlwj33n3di5agwj2o2ztevdua3xqeduy3natqogzyd.onion
  • Security: Good
  • 2 Factor Authentication: YES
  • Multisignature: No
  • Finalize Early: YES
  • Vendor Commission: Not specified
  • Vendor Bond: Not specified
  • Forced PGP: NO
  • Status: Active
  • User Perception: Good

Highlights / Uniqueness of Archetyp Market:

  • Quantity Sort: Easily find the cheapest price per gram by sorting listings based on amount.
  • No image mode: Save data and load time by turning off image display.
  • Worldwide: Available globally.
  • XMR only: Uses Monero for transactions to ensure user privacy.
  • Constant Development: Always evolving with unique features.

General features of Archetyp Market:

  • Referral system: Earn rewards for helping the market grow.
  • Favorites: Bookmark your preferred listings and vendors.
  • Feedback: Transparent feedback system for users.

Monero on Archetyp Market:

  • Deposits: Use the integrated wallet with a static Monero deposit address.
  • Withdrawals: Easily withdraw Monero to your wallet with a small fee.

Rules of Archetyp Market: While Archetyp is a “darknet” marketplace, it has rules:

Do’s of Archetyp Market:

  • Be friendly and respectful.
  • Provide honest feedback and understand others’ perspectives.
  • Describe goods accurately.
  • Report violations and help others.

Don’ts of Archetyp Market:

  • Selling illegal goods like weapons or scams.
  • Sharing personal data or doxing.
  • Engaging in negative behavior like insults or attacks.

Archetyp Market aims to provide a safe and fair environment for users to trade online.

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