BitMix Bitcoin Mixer

BitMix is considered one of the top bitcoin mixers, offering full automation and a minimal transaction amount of 0.005 BTC.

Key Features of BitMix:

  • No logging of transactions.
  • Quality indicator for mixing.
  • Customizable low fees.
  • User-controlled delay for executing transactions.
  • Current Status: Active


BitMix FAQ

How does BitMix work?

BitMix maintains a stock of pre-mixed bitcoins (or other alt-coins). Users simply fill out a form and send the desired amount of cryptocurrency to the provided address. The mixed coins are then automatically returned to the user.

Does BitMix keep logs?

BitMix asserts that no logs or personally identifiable information is retained on their servers.

Is BitMix available on TOR?

BitMix can be accessed via TOR, with users encouraged to use this link for enhanced privacy.

How many confirmations are needed?

Only one confirmation is required.

What does the “randomize” option do?

Enabling “randomize” allows users to receive multiple transactions back to their wallet from the service, making blockchain analysis more challenging. Without this option, users receive a single transaction with clear coins.

To activate this option, a minimum amount is required:

  • Bitcoin: At least 0.1000 BTC
  • Dash: At least 1.00 DASH
  • Litecoin: At least 1.00 LTC

Due to increased resource usage, the mining fee will be doubled when using this option. The commission will also be randomized but will not exceed 1%.

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