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Bohemia Market is an active online marketplace that started in July 2022. You can access it through the link: tghyfsmxu75skopzpgt6j47ntrnneuytho2k4fvka4asc65kme4xeiad.onion. The security measures are good, and it supports advanced security features like multisignature and finalizing transactions early. The commission for vendors is 5%, and they need to pay a vendor bond of $150. You can use both Bitcoin and Monero for transactions. Overall, users have a positive view of Bohemia Market.

User Control Panel on Bohemia Market

Your control panel on Bohemia Market is where you manage your account settings and funds. In the “Edit Profile” section, you can personalize your profile by adding a custom avatar and a description about yourself. If you need to change your PIN (important for withdrawing funds), there’s a process that includes verifying with a mnemonic phrase for added security. You can also change your password regularly for safety. If you forgot to add your PGP key during registration, you can do it in the “Settings” section.

Affiliate Program on Bohemia Market

Bohemia Market offers an affiliate program for users who invite others to join. If someone registers using your referral link and makes a purchase, you earn 25% of the platform’s transaction fee for that purchase. For instance, if an item costs $100 with a platform fee of 4%, you earn 25% of that 4%. Your earnings will be added to your balance and can be withdrawn or used for shopping. You can find your referral link and stats in your user control panel under the “Affiliate Program” section.

Feedback System on Bohemia Market

Bohemia Market has a feedback system for both buyers and vendors. After a purchase is completed, both parties can leave feedback. Buyers can rate product quality, logistics, and communication with the seller using star ratings and comments. They can also rate their overall experience as “Positive,” “Neutral,” or “Negative.” This feedback affects the seller’s reputation on the platform. Feedback is crucial as it helps other community members choose reliable vendors.

Similarly, vendors can provide feedback on buyers to share their experience. This feedback helps other vendors and users understand the buyer’s behavior when making purchases.

Bohemia Market is an active and secure darkweb marketplace where users can buy and sell products using Bitcoin and Monero. The user control panel allows for profile customization and management of funds. The affiliate program rewards users who invite others to join. The feedback system helps maintain trust and transparency within the community by allowing users to rate their experiences with vendors and buyers.

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