CryptoMixer operates as a mixing service employing its own distinctive algorithms. It features a dedicated mobile version accessible on mobile devices, with developers able to utilize its API. For each transaction within the system, the service provides a “Letter of Guarantee.”

The service maintains reserves of 2,000 BTC to accommodate large transactions, imposes low commissions with a favorable discount structure, offers an affiliate program, and provides round-the-clock technical support. Users can configure fund distribution percentages and execution delays, and the service allows for replication of input and output Bitcoin addresses.

How long are CryptoMixer addresses valid?
Incoming addresses remain valid for approximately 24 hours, after which all associated data is deleted. Any subsequent payments to these addresses are disregarded.

Are logs retained?
According to CryptoMixer, no logs of any kind are kept. They refrain from storing any user-identifiable information. Logs are routinely purged to enhance organizational efficiency and user security on

It’s recommended to mix your bitcoins or route them through Monero before accessing any dark web links or markets.

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