Incognito Market

Incognito Market is a safe and easy-to-use online marketplace found on the dark web. It was created to help people avoid the risks of buying drugs on the streets.

Here’s what you need to know about Incognito Market:

  • Launch Date: 2022
  • Main Link: 2nc5i6rfv2j4i7agahklgimcumrhzp2wi4mt2qgklwb5dmi7zs6zpyyd.onion
  • Security: Good
  • 2 Factor Authentication: Yes
  • Multisignature: Yes
  • Finalize Early: Yes
  • Commission: Varies
  • Vendor Bond: Not specified
  • Forced PGP: Yes
  • Status: Active
  • User Perception: Positive

Incognito Market focuses on making drug purchases safer. To ensure safety, they have specific rules for users:

  1. Restricted Items: Only drugs like stimulants, psychedelics, opioids, etc., along with alcohol, tobacco, and related items are allowed. No violent or sexual content is permitted.
  2. No Weapons or Harmful Substances: They prohibit selling weapons, explosives, or toxic materials.
  3. No Fraudulent Activities: Any scams, frauds, or fake products are strictly banned.
  4. No Fentanyl: Selling fentanyl or related substances is prohibited.
  5. Quality Control: Sellers must offer genuine and safe products, not fake or dangerous ones.
  6. No Animal or Human Parts: Selling live or dead animals, or any human parts is forbidden.
  7. No Harmful Services: Services promoting harm, abuse, or violence are not allowed.
  8. No Doxxing or Blackmail: Engaging in extortion or doxxing will lead to a ban.
  9. No Scamming: Any scamming behavior will result in immediate banning.
  10. No Direct Deals: Sellers can’t redirect buyers outside the market for transactions.
  11. No Phishing or Impersonation: Trickery or deception of any kind is not allowed.
  12. Crypto Transactions: Transactions must be legitimate and properly formed.
  13. No Spamming: Users should not misuse the messaging or ordering features.
  14. Terms Subject to Change: The market’s terms may be updated by the Incognito Market team.

These rules help create a safer environment for buyers and sellers on Incognito Market.

Knowledge Base
Getting Started on Incognito Market

How to Create an Account:
To sign up for Incognito Market, click on “Register Now” and fill in your desired username and password. You’ll need to re-enter your password to avoid mistakes. Complete the captcha and click “Register”.

Once done correctly, you’ll receive a unique secret word and a mnemonic key/phrase. Keep these safe as they are important for your account.

Logging In:
For Buyers/Vendors: Enter your username, secret word, and password, then complete the captcha and click “Login”.

For Employees: Enter the vendor’s username and the token provided by the vendor. Complete the captcha and click “Login”.


How to Deposit Funds:
Click on the coin icon on Incognito Market’s navbar (navigation bar) on the right. A popup will appear. Select “Deposit” to go to the deposit page. Click “Request New Address” to generate a deposit address. Always make sure to verify the site’s authenticity using PGP to avoid phishing. You have six hours to confirm your funds on the blockchain network.

How long until my deposited funds show up in my wallet?
Bitcoin requires one confirmation, while Monero needs two confirmations on the blockchain network. Your balance will be updated within twenty minutes after meeting these requirements.

Why hasn’t my balance updated?
This could be due to a typo in the address, the transaction not being broadcasted or confirmed yet, or not completing the confirmations within the six-hour limit mentioned on the deposit page.

What if I send multiple deposits?
All deposits received within the time limit will be added to your balance.


How to Withdraw Funds:
Click on the coin icon on the right side of the Incognito Market navbar. Select “Withdraw” to go to the withdrawal page. Click “New Withdrawal” to start. Choose the currency and amount, then click “Withdraw”.

What are the withdrawal limits?
The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 BTC for Bitcoin and 0.0002 XMR for Monero to prevent very small withdrawals.

Why can I only withdraw once per hour?
This limit is in place to protect our servers from excessive load or attacks.

What are the withdrawal fees?
We do not charge withdrawal fees; only blockchain transaction fees apply. For Bitcoin, we target two blocks for confirmation. For Monero, there is a flat fee of 0.0001 XMR.

How long until my withdrawals are processed?
Withdrawals are usually processed within twenty minutes.

What does “analyze receiving address” do?
It checks the receiving address for fund legitimacy using our blockchain analysis service.


How to Checkout an Item:
On the item page, enter the quantity, select currency and shipping options, then click “Checkout Now”. Fill out your shipping info and complete the captcha. Click “Confirm Checkout” to proceed.

What are the payment options?
You can deduct funds immediately from your onsite wallet balance or lock the order and deposit within two hours.

Should I use the autoencrypt functionality?
No, always manually encrypt your shipping information before submitting it.

How to Checkout a Dead Drop Order:
Send the longitude, latitude, and radius to the vendor. The vendor will select a coordinate within this range for you to retrieve your item after it’s marked as shipped.


What are the order statuses?

  • Unpaid: Order is locked for two hours.
  • Pending: Order submitted successfully but not acknowledged by the vendor.
  • Accepted: Vendor accepts the order.
  • Shipped: Vendor marks the order as shipped.
  • Refunded: Order is terminated, and funds returned.
  • Auto-Finalized: Funds are released automatically after a set period.
  • Finalized Early: Funds are released automatically for trusted vendors.
  • Finalized: Buyer receives the order with no issues.

What is the auto-finalizing timeout?
It’s the time until funds are released after the order is marked as shipped.


How to Open a Dispute:
Click “Dispute” on the order. A chat with the vendor, buyer, and moderators will open.

What are the possible dispute outcomes?
The order may be unfrozen, refunded, or the auto-finalizing timer extended.

Apply Vending

How to Apply to Be a Vendor:
Register and click “Apply Vending” in the navbar. Fill out your application, including a PGP-signed message introducing yourself and your market history.

What is the vendor bond?
New vendors must deposit a $300 bond for user protection.

Vendor Panel

How does Bulk Listing Work?
Bulk listings allow vendors to offer discounts for larger quantities.

What are the image upload limitations?
Only JPEG format is allowed for security reasons, with a maximum size of 5MB per image.

How to Set Shipping Options:
You can set shipping options in the vendor settings.

How to Access Incogbot on Jabber:
This service is currently available only to vendors. Instructions will be provided in the settings panel.

How to Generate Employee Tokens:
Find this option in the settings page and remember to save your settings.

How to Set Account to Vacation Mode:
Toggle the vacation mode setting in the settings page.


How to Initiate an Exchange:
Simply enter the amount and click “market order” for immediate exchange, or use the limit order functionality to specify a rate range.

What are Makers and Takers?
Makers provide liquidity, and takers execute transactions. There is a 2% fee on makers.

Are there hidden fees?
We charge a 2% maker fee; market order exchanges are free.

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