Vice City Market

Vice City is a new online marketplace that focuses on excellent customer support and strong security. They prioritize listening to feedback from both customers and vendors to make the Vice City platform the best it can be.

Key Features:

  • Launch Date: 2020
  • Website: vice2v4jj7pll65n46f4rnuc4vjc33axs34atekj2uiuqecayv2grkad.onion
  • Security: Good
  • 2 Factor Authentication: Yes
  • Multisignature: No
  • Finalize Early: Yes
  • Vendor Commission: Not specified
  • Vendor Bond: Not specified
  • Forced PGP: No
  • Status: Active
  • User Perception: Good

Vice City Market prides itself on providing great customer service and security. They welcome feedback from users and vendors to improve their platform.

Overview of Vice City Market:

  • We are committed to strong customer support and security.
  • We use 2-factor authentication and offer the option to finalize transactions early.
  • We support wallet-less orders to minimize risk during cryptocurrency price changes.
  • We are working on implementing Monero within the next few months.
  • Visit the FAQ section for answers to common questions, accessible by clicking “Support” at the top of the page.
  • If you have any other questions, our staff will promptly respond if you create a ticket.

In simple terms, Vice City is a marketplace that values user feedback, offers good security measures, and strives to enhance the overall experience for everyone using their platform. They’re continually improving and aim to provide excellent service.

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