Wasabi Wallet

Wasabi Wallet, despite its name, is not merely a bitcoin mixer but primarily a bitcoin wallet. It is included in the mixers section due to its popular CoinJoin feature.

Wasabi Wallet is a non-custodial, open-source Bitcoin wallet designed for Windows, Linux, and Mac. It prioritizes privacy, incorporating Tor and CoinJoin functionalities, as well as coin control features.

Launch Date2018
Main LinkOfficial Website
Tor MirrorOnion Link
User PerceptionPositive

Features of Wasabi Wallet:

  • Complete Control over Your Bitcoin: Wasabi Wallet ensures that you have full control over your bitcoins, preventing any third party from freezing or stealing them.
  • Centralized Validation: By default, the wallet relies on a centralized service, requiring trust that the service won’t hide or fabricate bitcoin payments.
  • Total Transparency: Wasabi Wallet is deterministically built and open-source, ensuring transparency and proving that there are no hidden codes.
  • Enhanced Privacy: The wallet safeguards your bitcoin transactions against spying by rotating addresses and limiting information shared with peers on the network.

Security Risks: Users must be cautious of loading Wasabi Wallet on potentially compromised devices susceptible to malware or viruses. Recommended precautions include using strong passwords, employing cold storage for the majority of bitcoins, and enabling two-factor authentication.

Using Tor with Wasabi: Utilizing Tor as a proxy with this wallet prevents attackers or Internet service providers from linking your payments to your IP address.

Dynamic Transaction Fee: Wasabi Wallet suggests transaction fees based on current network conditions, allowing users to override them for optimal fee selection and timely transaction confirmations.

Note: Always prioritize your privacy, especially when accessing dark web links and markets.

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