BidenCash darkweb market gives 1.9 million credit cards for free

In a bold move to attract more attention from cybercriminals, the BidenCash stolen credit card marketplace has made 1.9 million credit card details available for free on its platform. This gesture is part of a strategic promotion to solidify its presence in the dark web market.

Launched in early 2022, BidenCash quickly became a prominent marketplace for selling stolen credit and debit cards. The platform operates on both the dark web and the clearnet, offering card details that were illicitly obtained through phishing schemes or skimmers used on e-commerce sites.

The marketplace sells stolen card data at prices starting as low as $0.15 per card. It employs verification and automated checks to ensure the validity of the cards listed for sale.

BidenCash’s notoriety has steadily grown within cybercriminal circles, thanks in part to periodic free dumps of stolen card data. These giveaways have significantly boosted the platform’s membership and reputation.

The latest release marks the fourth major free dump since October 2022. Previous dumps included 1.22 million, 2 million, and 230,000 cards, collectively surpassing 5 million leaked cards.

Despite the apparent generosity, analyses of past data dumps have revealed that a considerable portion of the released data contains duplicates, expired, or invalid cards.

Consequently, not all of the cards in the free packs are usable. However, the valid card numbers, verification codes, and expiration dates pose a severe risk to cardholders, who may find their accounts emptied by cybercriminals.

Beyond the immediate threat to cardholders, the leaked data can also be exploited in various scams and attacks targeting financial institutions and their employees. However, the authenticity of the latest data set has yet to be confirmed. There is a possibility that some of the entries could be auto-generated and do not correspond to actual cards.

BidenCash’s history of providing genuine stolen data makes it unlikely that the platform would risk its reputation by distributing fake data. Nonetheless, the recent release has raised concerns due to its lack of the detailed data quality seen in previous dumps.

In 2023, BidenCash continues to thrive as an active marketplace for stolen data, despite a general decline in the dark web’s carding market.

To mitigate the risk of having payment data compromised, consumers are advised to shop exclusively from reputable retailers, utilize digital payment methods or one-time use cards, and enable two-factor authentication on their accounts.

As BidenCash’s latest move draws attention, it underscores the persistent and evolving threats posed by cybercriminals in the digital age.

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