Czech: 5 people Sentenced for Reselling Ecstasy from the dark web

Five individuals in the Czech Republic were sentenced to prison after admitting their involvement in the distribution of drugs purchased from the dark web.

These five men appeared before the Ostrava Regional Court on October 20, 2021, for sentencing. Two defendants were given custodial sentences, while the others received suspended sentences. The two with custodial sentences were responsible for overseeing the operation, whereas the remaining three played lesser roles.

The police uncovered the group’s activities following the arrest of an undisclosed dark web drug vendor operating within the Czech Republic. A raid on the vendor’s residence yielded a ledger containing customer details.

According to the ledger, the main defendant bought around 20,000 ecstasy tablets from the vendor, purchasing between 50 and 500 pills at a time and shipping them to his residence via the Czech Post.

Upon executing a search warrant at the main defendant’s home, Czech police discovered a cannabis cultivation area and evidence of drug distribution. During questioning, he admitted to ceasing drug purchasing, usage, and resale.

One defendant received a four-year prison sentence and was directed to forfeit assets acquired from drug sales. The remaining three defendants received suspended sentences, with two of them also fined $4,500.

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