Pillpusher pleads guilty to selling prescription drugs

A resident of Georgia, operating as a vendor on the dark web, has admitted guilt in distributing various prescription drugs under the moniker “Pillpusher.”

Cullen Roberts, aged 23 and from Duluth, Georgia, confessed to the charges. Utilizing the username “Pillpusher” on the now-defunct Yellow Brick Market, he sold prescription drugs nationwide beginning as early as April 2020, as per prosecutors.

The Yellow Brick Market, a dark web platform that ultimately disappeared by late 2020 or early 2021, was where Roberts conducted his illicit sales.

The FBI and US Postal Inspection Service initiated an investigation in July 2020, which eventually led to Roberts’ identification and arrest. An FBI agent placed an order for ten oxymorphone pills with Pillpusher on August 5, 2020.

Following the order, the FBI provided a shipping address to a Postal Inspector in Cumming, Georgia, suspecting Roberts of using this post office for prior drug shipments. Physical surveillance at this location on August 6 revealed a young man dropping off a Priority Mail package matching the address provided to Pillpusher by the FBI agent.

Months later, the FBI received the order placed with Pillpusher, confirming its contents as oxymorphone pills. Surveillance footage from August 14, 2020, at the post office captured Roberts depositing another package, and subsequent investigations traced these activities to his registered vehicle.

Further surveillance at Roberts’ residence yielded evidence in discarded trash, revealing empty oxycodone and Xanax pill boxes. On October 22, 2020, investigators tailed Roberts to the post office, where he dispatched multiple packages.

After his arrest on December 2, 2020, Roberts faced charges of distributing controlled substances, to which he pleaded guilty on August 3, 2021. As of now, he awaits sentencing.

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